Eesti Kontsert and Hennessy New Years´Concert

01.01.2017 at 18.00
Venue: Estonia Concert Hall
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Artists: Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Estonian National Male Choir, Piano duo Kalle Randalu - Kristjan Randalu

Saint-Saëns. “The Carnival of Animals”
Waltzes, marches and polkas by Johann Strauss junior

The witty “The Carnival of the Animals” will be followed by the waltzes, marches, and polkas of Johann Strauss (junior) in an astounding format: for the male choir and symphony orchestra. Strauss wrote these in the 1860s specially for the Vienna Men’s Choral Association. There were no limits to the astonishment of the audience, not only in Vienna, but also in Paris and London.

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