06.03.2015 at 19.00
Venue: The Great Guild
Location: Riga, Latvia
Artists: Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, Sandis Šteinbergs (violin)
Soloist Sandis Šteinbergs / violin

  • Leonard Bernstein Overt ure from Candide
  • Leonard Bernstein Serenade after Plato ’s Symposium
  • Charles Ives Orchestra l Set No. 1 Three Places in New England
  • Aaron Copland El Salón México


What could be better than a dinner party at which Socrates, Aristophanes and other wise men from the antique world make declarations about love? Leonard Bernstein’s Serenade is based on Plato’s Symposium and will be heard in this programme together with the wonderfully beautiful portrait of New England that was produced by the successful businessman Charles Ives, as well as Aaron Copland’s eager travel notes after an exciting holiday spent in Mexico.

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